(Credits: www.usa.visa.com)

Visa has been quite a popular stock this week, they have a lot going on for them, thereby being a perfect fit for this week’s #FeatureFriday. Throughout the week their stock price rose significantly and below are a few articles that might help to explain why.

FVISA INC (NYSE:V)ANALYST RESEARCH SUMMARY: (Released 09/06/16) Richard Viskan says that the highest analyst target price for the stock is $100 which would imply an impressive rise of 78%. Visa’s EPS reduced one cent to $.68 in their most recent quarter, but their revenue had a slight increase at a value of $3,626.00M. Overall they are doing pretty well but what is interesting is their stock price jumped 1.3% on Wednesday or $1.05.

Visa (V) Launches App to Tap Digital Commerce Market: (Released: 08/06/16) Zachs Equity Research writes about Visa’s efforts to increase customer’s use of debit with their recently launched Visa Digital Commerce App. This app would enable services like real time account balance information, card controls, recent transactions and even fraud concerns to financial institution clients. They also recently launched their Visa Token Service and Visa Developer Platform, both of which serve to drive innovation. No wonder the price went up, but that is not all…

Why Visa Inc (NYSE:V) and Mastercard Inc (NYSE:MA) Soared Yesterday?: (Released 09/06/16) Investors with stakes in Visa are most likely enjoying themselves after yesterday’s rise in the stock. After rising 1.3% on Wednesday alone, according to Muhammad Nadeem (@media_ki_awaz), the stock is predicted to follow the current trend. The increase was the market’s reaction to news released on Tuesday stating that China will now allow U.S. card companies to tap into the $8.4 trillion card payment market. Under the new set of rules Visa has an opportunity to gain share in the Chinese market, which is predicted to become the world’s biggest by 2020. After 10 years of lobbying, the company will finally be able to compete for market share alongside China UnionPay, who currently dominates the Chinese cards market.

Furthermore, Visa was approved by the European Commission to acquire Visa Europe Ltd. last week, which is expected to close in the company’s fiscal third quarter of 2016.

Visa is significantly reducing fraud: (Released: 08/06/16) The liability shift that began in October of 2015 has forced credit card merchants to reissue cards with EMV chips installed to meet the higher standards of security. As of April, Visa announced that they have issued more than 282 million new chip cards in the U.S. The growing adoption of EMV-based transaction volume is helping to reduce fraud, for the microchip in EMV-based spending makes it harder for criminals to steal card data and use if fraudulently. Since the adoption chip-enabled merchants have experienced a 26% drop in counterfeit fraud year-over-year in January 2016. Andrew Meola (@AMeolaTheStreet) suggests that the aforementioned information is likely spur quicker adoption and greater volume into the future.