FinTech’s undisputed power to innovate has seen the transformation in finance, bringing services to the unbanked. Going into 2016, the power of FinTech has seemly focused on the push towards greater gender diversity – evident, as a BNP Paribas survey saw 37% of entrepreneurs globally are women.

Having recently joined as an intern analyst, and being one of the three women in the Call Levels team; the opportunity to see expansion of gender diversity in FinTech firsthand, proves to be interesting to say the least.

The LadyBoss event I attended recently (thanks to Jackie Yeo and her lovely team for organizing it!), saw inspiring panel discussions with Rosaline Chow Koo, the CEO & founder of ConneXions Asia with Anna Gong, CEO of Perx.

What stood out?

The succinct commentary on male/female characteristics that drive success at work. In particular, Rosaline Chow’s point on “the ability to multi-task and manage time” rings particularly true, where the life at FinTech firm continues to challenge my analytical reasoning and push me to execute. Moreover, working in a firm surrounded by men has been an invaluable experience, in seeing and learning firsthand “ how to stand your ground and check the ego”, as observed by Anna Gong. Indeed, this insight has helped me prioritise incoming perspectives, yet retain the single-minded focus for situational demands.

From an international standpoint, influencers like Amy Ludlum (BitPesa) and Monika Gestautaite (TransferGo); have heralded the digitalisation of payments and trading, to optimise critical services offerings, at low cost without compromising on quality. Efforts from Elsa’D Silva and Adrianna Tan from SafeCity and Wobe respectively, leverage on digitalised campaigns and packaged tools to advocate for financial as well as personal security. From a more holistic standpoint Adizah Tejani’s experience has held her in good stead at Level 39, seeing her push for a sustainable FinTech ecosystem.

In reality, I am reluctant to state “Women in FinTech” is a hot topic – rather, it is a development that has been years in the making (and leaves something to be said about news coverage over the past few years).

If anything, FinTech with its segment of powerful female entrepreneurs are only just getting started – the real elevation of gender diversity to #FemTech, involves working collectively (or as Eileen Burbidge put more directly, “no more working with jerks“), as exciting innovations in finance are clearly yet to come.