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A ex-McKinsey analyst, Anshulika Dubey discovered crowdfunding at a project. Her enthusiasm for the social sector grew to the extent where she chose to pioneer crowdfunding and drive tangible social impact.

Enter Wishberry.in.

A crowdfunding platform inspired by the Philanthropy 2.0 players Kickstarter and Indiegogo; Anshulika and the Wishberry team look to re-define the funding process, now focused on “something you feel passionate about.” Having raised ₹6.6 crores (USD $1 million via 11,674 backers from 60 countries), Wishberry continues to innovate crowdfunding in the Arts sector.


What are the challenges she has experienced till date?

Crowdfunding in the Arts, Anshulika finds “fund seekers — the pitch is different, the communication is different” leading it to become a transformative experience.
Indeed, the practical challenges are faced on the ground with “empowering artists to be more confident” in fundraising but not misrepresent themselves as a charitable venture.

On the funding side, she admits the challenge of matching people with various affinities to creative projects continues – she and her team collaborate using “manual consulting, data and technology” to optimise the problem-solving process.


What are some of the insights she received?

Pioneering the crowdfunding practice in India, Anshulika comments on the “unexpected demand for funding arts and culture projects in India.”

Her experience sees her acknowledge the need for crowdfunding behavior’s existence. Rather than comment on people’s absence of intention, Anshulika feels the absence of a platform connecting artists and patrons has validated Wishberry’s proposition to connect people and make a tangible impact.


What guidance does she hope to offer to other women looking to enter the startup scene?

Aside from being prepared to work hard and non-stop, Anshulika finds “prioritizing, being clear about what you want” as a some of her key tenets.

Rather than trying to have it all at one go, she notes the importance of maintaining that work-life balance “not being possible on a daily basis, but maybe on a on a lifelong basis.” Her insights, on “focusing on work for 10 years, then yourself and your family for the next 10” is indicative of her balanced approach.


Going into 2016, what does she hope to achieve?

Having been inaugurated as one of Forbes “30 under 30”, Anshulika aims to maintain a more healthy lifestyle. Professionally, she looks forward to working with her team and help Wishberry achieve its milestones — including breaking even as well as regional expansion in India.



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