(Credits: Ladyboss.Asia)

Jackie Yeo continues to juggle it all – being a talented internet marketing specialist and one of the most prominent women’s rights advocates in Singapore. From helping clients build and manage their online presence as the co-founder at AmberCreative.sg, Jackie continues to inspire, with her passion for entrepreneurship and business leadership.

Following the launch of Ladyboss.Asia, she looks forward to telling the stories of successful women leaders and build up a supportive ecosystem.


What inspired her to start LadyBoss?

Having maintained “[a] strong belief that women would be most empowered if they are able to have a sustainable income” Jackie is convinced entrepreneurship is the way forward.

“[It’s] a great option for women whether they are single or have a family as they can choose their balance. Women can achieve anything they put their minds to and I believe that society should recognise that and support”, she says.

She acknowledges that business associations and networks typically are male-dominated, and “women still face unnecessary criticism and prejudice when they want to start out on their own.” Jackie finds this affects women, causing them to suffer from imposter syndrome and undermine their confidence “in their capability of achieving high.”

With LadyBoss, Jackie looks forward to it becoming the mainstream media platform focused on women in business. Indeed, with this platform, she and her team “hope to inspire more women to step out, to believe that they can also be extremely successful.”

The special touch? Offering resources and articles which are predominantly business-focused but written from a female perspective, so as to better connect and empower LadyBoss readers.

Building on this platform, together with the LadyBoss team she looks forward to “bring[ing] readers face to face with successful women and building a community so that they can draw on each other’s strengths.”


What are some of the main challenges she has experienced till date?

So far, Jackie notes the key challenges have included trying to reach out to more people and expand the platform as a mainstream media platform given the limited resources.

More so than that, she looks forward to building up LadyBoss and ‘figure out the best way to make LadyBoss a sustainable venture’.


What guidance can she offer to other women looking to enter the startup scene?

“Tech startups are a very specific type of entrepreneurship compared to traditional forms of entrepreneurship and it’s important to really understand what it takes to build a strong startup” is Jackie’s succinct insight.

She notes the need for “strong tech talent, project management, digital marketing and growth hacking skills” to build a successful team. Having established the founding team with the core skill sets, Jackie validates the importance of an early-stage cost-saving hiring strategy.

Though she acknowledges the possibility to outsource certain tasks like development, she strongly believes that “the founder who doesn’t have the tech skills, must try to partner with a co-founder who is tech driven.” From this, Jackie moves on to say that the founder(s) must continue to be very involved in every aspect and prepare to keep jumping around i.e. from designing UI/UX, to project management, marketing the product and investor stakeholder management.


What are her plans for other events going forward?

“Building momentum to have larger scale events and get more successful women from different types of business to share their stores” continues to be a key driver for Jackie and the LadyBoss team. From hosting specific thematic-focused speaker events, to refining the sales and marketing functions, Jackie hopes to expand her reach and empower other female entrepreneurs.”

Having recently launched LadyBoss Elite, a peer support group and forum for women she hopes to support those entrepreneurs who are serious about building their business to lean on each other.

To end, Jackie notes, “Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey especially for women, but it does not have to be.”


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