It’s earnings season again — investors, time to place your bets…

Subdued expectations for US earnings season: Robin Wigglesworth (@RobinWigg) bridges expectations against currency headwinds to outline the earnings environment for US equities. Forecasting issues aside, he warns of holding true to predictions against economic anxieties.

Jamie Dimon Just Keeps Making Money For JP Morgan Shareholders (Release: 13/04/2016): Jim Collins notes Jamie Dimon’s impressive strategies that driven performance upwards despite credit problems and investment bank woes. Moving ahead of Goldman Sach’s and Morgan Stanley’s earnings later this month, JP Morgan looks well positioned to deliver on profit ratings as a strong asset base matched with cost controls look to offset market sentiments.

Delta Earnings, What To Watch (Release: 14/04/2016): Susan Carey (@SusanCarey) pulls no punches in her assessment of the factors influencing the airline with the largest market cap — as global events impact unit revenue rates, and costs surge as federal mediation heightens… It remains to be seen if incoming senior management changes will push Delta’s earnings expectations even higher, despite oil prices.

Wells Fargo Profit Falls 5.9% on Higher Loan-Loss Provisions (Release: 14/04/2016): Jenny Surane (@JennySurane) notes the impact of oil losses and community banking operations that saw the US’s biggest mortgage lenders’ performance fall… Despite strategic acquisitions in a last-ditch attempt to diversify, WFC’s efficiency ratio plummeted amidst loan-making and servicing struggles.

Closing out this week….

Citigroup’s Living Will Receives Passing Grade From Regulators (Release: 15/04/2016): The “too big to fail” theme persists, as Citigroup qualifies regulatory standards and passes review. What this means? From author Christina Rexroda’s (@Chris_Rexrode) succinct overview, Citigroup’s plans to collapse functions through sell-off or wind down may stand to beat expectations later today.