US markets may look healthier in more ways than one; with consumer spending coming in at 0.5, beating economist expectations of 0.3. As wage growth expectations materialise and personal incomes expand, battered tech stocks see steady recovery thanks to innovations in the wearables sector.

Some key pieces to review:

A Tale of Two Wearables: Author M.G. Siegler breaks down the battle of wearables between two titans, $APPL and $DIS; with the Apple Watch falling from consumer favour.

As wearables market grows, end-users demand innovation: To the favour of wearable-tech investors who are likely to continue seeing positive returns; as commitment to innovation and development will drive up mass market demand for newer wearables.

Fitbit will remain the dominant leader in the wearables market, with its recent positive trend reversal. The firm’s focus on healthcare (via its Fitbit Wellness program) and global market traction is a good example of the wearable tech’s industry concentration on targeting health outcomes.

Microsoft, Not Apple or Alphabet, Is Wearables King … in Patents: Major player $MSFT continues to surprise, having the largest IP-patent cache compared to its competitors. As CEO Satya Nadella attempts to speed up growth, perhaps an expansion of its wearables range from the Band 2 Fitness Tracker and HoloLens will continue to push risk-averse investors into the tech space.

And finally…

Warren Buffett’s 2 List Strategy: How To Maximise Your Focus & Master Your Priorities: From the “Oracle of Omaha” himself, a simple but not simplistic strategy enabling everyone from investors to fitness lovers alike, to stay ahead.